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Envetec was born on a small green island with big green ambitions.

We create clean change by eliminating the existing harmful treatment of biohazardous laboratory waste.

There is a pain-point in every laboratory in the world; how can you meet Scope 3 emission targets and still deliver for your stakeholders?

Using GENERATIONS™, our innovative, low energy, non-thermal, clean technology we can help businesses meet their sustainability goals by transforming the treatment of biohazardous laboratory waste.

We believe now is the time to tear up the rule book and do things fundamentally different and better. We want to work with leaders who believe the same.


Treat your biohazardous laboratory waste in a quick, effective and environmentally sustainable way with our ground-breaking GENERATIONS system.

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“Current methods of treating biohazardous waste are financially and environmentally unsustainable, whereas the implementation of the Envetec GENERATIONS technology is an investment in the future health of the communities we serve”

Michael Dowling, CEO, Northwell Health

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Working in diagnostics?

Find out how we can help you create clean change

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Working in pharma?

Find out how we can help you create clean change

Food & Beverage

Working in food & beverage?

Find out how we can help you create clean change

Why choose Envetec?

We’re on a mission to make the treatment of biohazardous laboratory waste net zero

GENERATIONS is the only meaningful clean technology solution to treat biohazardous laboratory waste

We can quickly help you reach your recycling targets

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