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Currently, all biohazardous laboratory waste is autoclaved, landfilled or incinerated.
This involves huge CO2 emissions, huge water usage and is incredibly damaging to the environment. According to Health Care Without Harm, the healthcare sector contributes 4.4% of global emissions, and that footprint is forecast to triple by 2050. Something has to change.

Envetec is that change.

Our GENERATIONS technology is a game changer.

GENERATIONS is a pioneer in environmentally friendly, clean technology solution, engineered for laboratories in the life science sector. Our validated technology is installed on-site, enabling the recycling of up to 100% of plastics at source in a safe, effective and more environmentally sustainable way. GENERATIONS is non-thermal and utilizes a proprietary biodegradable chemical. The system’s unique capabilities convert biohazardous waste into a recyclable polymer flake that is entirely safe to transport for recycling.

Benefits of Our Technology

“Single-use plastic and disposing of biohazardous waste is one of the most intractable and environmentally damaging issues in Science today. Envetec's GENERATIONS technology is a crucial enabler to achieve circularity in lab supply chains and has been validated by a trusted third-party to drive significant carbon reductions in a crucial hotspot in the industry.”

James Connelly, CEO, My Green Lab

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We’re on a mission to make the treatment of biohazardous laboratory waste net zero

GENERATIONS is the only meaningful clean technology solution to treat biohazardous laboratory waste

We can quickly help you reach your recycling targets

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