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GENERATIONS® Clean Technology Receives My Green Lab's Prestigious ACT Certification Label

GENERATIONS® Clean Technology Receives My Green Lab’s Prestigious ACT Certification Label

We are pleased to announce that GENERATIONS has received one of the best ACT label certifications from My Green Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a culture of sustainability in science. The ACT label assesses the environmental impact for a lab product. This achievement underscores Envetec’s commitment to sustainability and represents a groundbreaking alternative to traditional treatments methods for biohazardous waste.

We designed GENERATIONS for the safe and effective on-site treatment of biohazardous/regulated medical waste, eliminating the dependency on autoclaving, incineration, and landfill.

The ACT designation spans the lifecycle of GENERATIONS, from manufacturing impact, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life. The data supporting these categories entail third-party verification on a scale from 1 to 10, and the cumulative scores contribute to the calculation of the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) score. A lower EIF score indicates a more positive impact on the environment.

GENERATIONS Ranks as Best in Class for Product Scoring in the ACT Label Program

Given our international footprint, GENERATIONS received ACT labels for the three regions covered by the program: Europe, the UK, and the US. Notably, it achieved a score of 19.6 in Europe and the UK and 24.4 in the US, the higher score attributed to direct shipping considerations. These scores ranked among the lowest in the entire ACT label program, and best in class for disinfection and sterilization. A full breakdown of the scores is available at https://actdatabase.mygreenlab.org/products/4db665eb-2a4e-4ad9-805b-a50e5846f92f

Furthermore, following extensive independent auditing process, the ACT label acknowledged GENERATIONS’ unique approach to the treatment of biohazardous waste, awarding this distinctive capability a credit in the “Innovation” section of the label. Through our technology, GENERATIONS enables laboratories to process biohazardous waste on-site, eliminating the necessity for specialized transport and substantially minimizing both direct and indirect transportation emissions associated with congestion.


Alongside ACT Label, New Data Shows GENERATIONS Significantly Outperforms Traditional Treatments for Biohazardous Waste

In addition to the ACT label, Envetec recently undertook an independent study specifically for a healthcare company generating substantial biohazardous waste. The study conducted a comparative analysis comparing GENERATIONS to autoclaving, incineration, and landfill. Initial findings indicate a 92% reduction in CO2 emissions and an 80% reduction (950,000 liters) in water usage compared to on-site autoclaving. The full results are scheduled for release by mid-2024.

For laboratories committed to advancing sustainability, we can now align independent datasets from the ACT label and Scope 2 and 3 assessments to measure the broader environmental impact of GENERATIONS, bringing further transparency and reporting of our technology. This includes the entire lifecycle of GENERATIONS from manufacturing to end-of-use together with water usage, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas reductions when compared to autoclaving for the treatment of biohazardous waste.

For more information on GENERATIONS, please click here https://envetec.com/generations/

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