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We’re on a mission to establish a new industry standard.

Industry needs to seriously rethink how we treat biohazardous laboratory waste. In the last 50 years, advances in technology have transformed diagnostics, healthcare, pharma and food, immeasurably improving our lives but the industry hasn’t changed how it manages and converts biohazardous laboratory waste at all in that time.

We are entering a point of no return where climate commitments urgently need to be turned into results.

Envetec is the only meaningful, global solution to treat biohazardous laboratory waste on-site, transforming the process to net zero.

Our disruptive approach ensures that biohazardous laboratory waste can be recycled instead of autoclave, incinerated or sent to landfill.

We are non-thermal, low energy with minimal water requirements and in-line validation.

Why does
Envetec exist?

To create clean change

0 million lbs

of biohazardous laboratory waste is generated every day, equivalent to 41 million kg

0 million
tonnes CO2e

are generated every year by transporting biohazardous laboratory waste stored at laboratories to treatment sites

$0-$0 billion

is spent annually transporting and treating biohazardous laboratory waste

There's a problem. We have the solution.


Treat your waste in a quick, effective and environmentally sustainable way with our ground-breaking GENERATIONS system


Scope 3 emissions are the pernicious problem in climate change, referring to the indirect environmental footprint that comes from a company's value chain emissions. Unfortunately, Scope 3 emissions control is elusive due to its indirect nature. Peer-reviewed data suggest that GENERATIONS is an efficient and convenient solution avoiding the need for incineration, landfill, autoclaving and transport, significantly removing Scope 3 activity and their associated life cycle emissions.”

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