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A new way to contribute to population health

The pharmaceutical industry continues to deliver many incredible advances that result in longer lives and better quality of life.

Pharmaceutical containers and liquid
Bags of biohazardous laboratory waste

In order to deliver these outcomes, pharmaceutical companies use vast quantities of plastic commodities both in R&D labs and production labs that inevitably become biohazardous.

Ironically, the treatment of biohazardous laboratory waste is negatively impacting human health through the pollution it causes. This is particularly true in a time when single use plastic bioreactors, pipette tips, tissue culture flasks, injectables and other materials have become standard in most facilities. These plastics that can take up to 1,000 years to breakdown in landfill.

As these commodities are biohazardous by nature and cannot be included in normal waste streams or recycled. Instead, the biohazardous laboratory waste is road-hauled from lab to a treatment facility where it is either autoclaved, landfilled or incinerated.

Unfortunately, laboratories currently have no option but to deploy conventional, unsustainable solutions with limited benefit to the environment.

Increasingly these kind of practices in the pharmaceutical industry are being put under the spotlight.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are on a mission to create clean change and want leaders from the pharmaceutical industry to join us.

Our non-thermal, low-energy GENERATIONS™ technology shreds and disinfects biohazardous laboratory waste, using patented shredding technology and proprietary biodegradable chemicals, into harmless recyclable polymer flake.

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