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Reduce your carbon emissions today

Food and beverage is being constantly challenged to produce higher quality and healthier products with longer shelf life and less preservatives.

Petri dishes
Petri dishes and bottles

This means the volume of quality control testing required to support the industry has grown exponentially and is heavily focused on microbiology. This field is heavily reliant on vast quantities of single use plastic consumables and autoclaves for both the production and decontamination of agar plates, broths, etc.

Increasingly these kind of practices in the food and beverage industry are being put under the spotlight.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are on a mission to create clean change and want leaders from the food & beverage industry to join us.

Our non-thermal, low-energy GENERATIONS™ technology shreds and disinfects biohazardous waste, using patented shredding technology and proprietary biodegradable chemicals, into harmless recyclable polymer flake.

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