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Reducing Risk With Onsite Treatment

Health & Regulatory Risk Reduction

The safe disposal of biohazardous or regulated medical waste is a critical concern for any life science facility. Traditionally disposal of this waste involves multiple transport steps and human contact points, from storage to autoclaving, incineration and landfill. However, a growing number of facilities are discovering the benefits of onsite treatment. This piece will explore the reason behind this rising shift in biohazardous waste management.

Reduced Regulatory Risk

One of the biggest advantages of onsite treatment is the significant reduction in regulatory risk. Here’s why:

  • Generator Liability: Even after offsite transport, the legal responsibility for biohazardous waste disposal ultimately falls on the waste source or “generator”. This means that if the waste isn’t properly destroyed or spills during transport, the generator – not the transporter – could face financial and/or reputational repercussions.
  • For instance, in Erie, Pennsylvania in 2019, a truck carrying medical waste overturned, spilling needles and other contaminated sharps waste into a nearby Walmart parking lot.

By rendering waste safe and unrecognisable at the source of generation onsite treatment greatly reduces this risk.

Mitigating Health Risks

Another key benefit of onsite treatment lies in minimizing health risks. Every time biohazardous waste changes hands, the potential for worker exposure increases. This includes healthcare workers at the generator facility, transportation personnel, and staff at the offsite treatment centre.

In the U.S. the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) emphasizes the importance of minimizing worker exposure to bloodborne pathogens in their Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Onsite treatment significantly reduces the number of “touchpoints” for live waste, minimizing the risk of exposure throughout the waste management process.

Beyond Safety: Efficiency Gains

Onsite treatment offers additional advantages beyond safety. It can:

  • Reduce Transportation Costs: Eliminating the need for transportation eliminates associated costs like fuel, vehicle maintenance, and driver salaries.
  • Streamline Waste Management: Onsite treatment allows for a more controlled and efficient waste management process.
  • Improve Sustainability: Reduced transportation translates to a lower carbon footprint.

Making the Switch

Onsite treatment technology has become increasingly sophisticated and accessible, making it a viable option for facilities of all sizes. Whether you’re considering a new waste disposal system or looking to improve your current practices, exploring onsite treatment is a worthwhile investment in the safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of your biohazardous or regulated medical waste disposal.


Envetec’s GENERATIONS® is a novel clean technology solution engineered for the life science industries. Our validated technology is installed on-site and can enable the recycling of up to 100% of plastics in a safe, effective and sustainable way. GENERATIONS is non-thermal and utilizes a biodegradable chemical. The system’s unique capabilities convert biohazardous waste into a recyclable flake that is safe for transport and recycling.

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